As a Freight brokers of Atlanta Georgia we pride ourselves on being in the heart of USA where Sothern hospitality intersects with busy life. 

Atlanta is another “Silk Road” for many carriers and shippers and that’s why we take our mission very seriously. BCBG’s daily goal is to help businesses move freight and supply our communities with food.


As an interstate carriers we can haul general freight in 50 states. Our fleet over 10,000 pounds includes: 53 ft Dry Vans, Flat beds, Refers, Step Decks. We can produce over 100 trucks per the shipper. 

Fleet under 10,000 pounds includes Sprinter Vans, 20FT -28 FT Box Tucks. Can produce over 100 trucks per the client .


As a minority & women owners we belive in impovering society by educating about industry opportunities. Dreaming about fiancial independance? We will start from scratch with your portfolio and will lead you to achiving your golas. 

Our consultants – professionals from different areas ready to share knowledge with you.